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Unicorn Grocery

89 Albany Road,Manchester,M21 0BN

Unicorn is a large independent grocery store in Chorlton, Manchester and offers its diverse customer-base an unbeatable range of affordable, fresh and wholesome food with an emphasis on organic, fair-trade and local produce. Run as a workers’ co-operative, Unicorn is owned and democratically controlled by its 70 plus permanent staff members, and is proud to have proved that a worker-owned business with values can compete with national chains and provide a genuine alternative to the supermarket.

Phone: 0161 8610010

Cocoa Loco

Units 43, Medwin Way,Horsham, West Sussex,RH12 1HQ

Award winning artisan Organic & Fairtrade chocolate company, making super scrumptious confections including a huge vegan friendly range!

Phone: 01403 865687

Sugar Daddy’s Bakery

5 Rodney Street,Edinburgh, Scotland,EH7 4EN

We are a 100% gluten free bakery, we also bake things that are suitable for people with other allergies, like dairy, egg, etc. As we strive to remove these allergens from our foods we also ensure that items are suitable for people following a vegan diet. We always have a good selection of cakes and savoury items that are suitable for vegans.

Phone: 0131 228 3791