My favourite vegan friendly places to eat in Budapest by Sian @theinnocentvegan

Las Vegans


One of the best places to grab a burger in Budapest is from Las Vegan’s. These little pop-up trucks across the city are sure to make all your vegan junk food dreams come true.


What we loved:


I’m a sucker for a good vegan burger and loved Las Vegan’s options so much that I ate here three times during my short trip! You can choose from various combinations, all made fresh-to-order in front of you. My favourite was the Magic Mushroom which was a juicy vegan patty stuffed inside a bun along with garlic veganaise, sundried tomato, caramelised onions, baby spinach and a grilled portobello. Mushroom burgers tend to be a cop-out, but Las Vegan’s absolutely nailed this one with the funky extras!

Their sides were also delish, with the most perfectly-fried wedges, nuggets, sweet potato fries and even mac n cheeze. The guys serving were also super fun, making the extra effort to be friendly and happy to share a joke or two. Ending my busy day of exploring with a huge vegan burger whilst sat outside enjoying the Hungarian sunshine was nothing but perfection.

So for anyone who wants a tasty, filling and oh-so-satisfying vegan burger when visiting Budapest, get yourself down to Las Vegan’s because they sure know how to make them!

Naspolya Nassolda


This lovely little café had the most chilled vibe ever, with warm interiors and the fluffiest dog to welcome you inside. It was a perfect pick stop for a rainy afternoon in Budapest to enjoy a coffee and slice of raw vegan cake.


What we loved:


Something I noticed in Budapest was their love for raw desserts. Everywhere I went there was some form of raw cheesecake, pudding, dessert and cake. As an avid cake fan, I was initially apprehensive because I love nothing more than a wedge of homemade spongey cake. But, I was pleasantly surprised and have a new love for raw treats!

At Naspolya Nassolda, there are so many decadent cake flavours to choose from, such as white chocolate blueberry and dried cherry cream, that it made it hard to choose! In the end, I went for a classic strawberry slice made with coconut, jam, almonds and dates.

Everything was delicious and definitely worth stopping for. This was quite a special place and the staff took time to explain their cakes and ethos. Would definitely recommend!

Great Bistro Budapest


Perhaps my favourite place to eat in Budapest was Great Bistro, a quaint little café that served both hearty meals, quirky alternatives and the best pancakes ever.



What we loved:

I made multiple visits here, mostly to eat as many of their pancakes as possible, but also because they offered meals you wouldn’t make yourself. One option I tried was their infamous vegan omelette, stuffed with tempeh, avocado, salad, vegan mayo and cheeze – it like nothing I’ve ever eaten before, but thoroughly enjoyed. Other offerings included a club sandwich, carrot lox bagel and a hot counter with comforting stews and curries.

My absolute favourite were the pancakes. They were so tasty I wish I’d asked for the recipe! I always asked for three and you could choose from lots of toppings such as peanut butter, fruits and jams, chocolate spread and even vegan squirty cream! It was a delicious way to start my day and I still dream about them now.

Great Bistro was everything you wanted for a vegan eatery abroad, so a visit to Budapest has to include a meal here at least once or twice or even three times like me.

Vegan Love


Another junk food venue that’s more than worthy of a mention is Vegan Love, a bustling venue that serves up some of the best vegan burgers and sides I’ve ever eaten.


What we loved:


Overwhelmed by the choice here: eight different burgers, six different hot dogs, mac n cheeze, salad bar, desserts and even a Philly cheesesteak. Wish I could have tried everything but I made an excellent choice with the Juicy Lucy burger – a huge bap filled with a cheeze-stuffed patty, fresh tomatoes, salad, pickles and their special burger sauce with a mountain of sweet potato fries and garlic veganaise. It was absolute food heaven.

Service was much like a fast food place where you made your order and waited to be called. But, with plenty of seating, it never felt rushed and you could sit and people-watch from a window seat.

This is a definite “must-visit” for anyone in Budapest, especially when you get such a huge portion for very little money (which is always a plus when you’re travelling on a budget!) My only regret is that I didn’t go back for seconds.



Franziska is a very “Insta-friendly” place to eat with the most beautiful décor and boujee-looking food – a total food blogger’s heaven!

Vegan Friendly – Vegan Options

What we loved:


I decided to get brunch here during my Budapest trip and went to town, choosing a loaded smoothie bowl and avocado toast (such a Millennial!) Not only was this the prettiest spread ever, but every mouthful was scrummy and you could tell it was the “good stuff” with the best organic produce being used.

Also could not thank the staff enough for accommodating the awkward vegan (me) for checking all the ingredients so I could veganise their food since they are not a 100% vegan establishment. But the service was phenomenal and I felt so well looked after, it was quite an experience.

Franziska is a little out of the city centre and on the other side of the river, but it is absolutely worth the longer walk because the food was heavenly and one of the best meals I’ve eaten. It kept me full for the whole day and if I lived in Budapest, I’d be there every weekend!

Falafel Bar Budapest


And of course, what is a trip to Hungary without a huge bowl of hummus and pitta? The best place I found was Falafel Bar, a tiny café tucked away down a quiet street that fulfilled allllllllll my hummus dreams.

Vegan friendly – Vegan options

What we loved:


As a huge hummus-lover, I need at least three servings a day. At Falafel Bar, I was given at least ten times this plus some! My loaded bowl was filled with creamy hummus topped with mixed salads, pickled veg and baked falafel plus a side of two warm and fluffy pitta.

There were plenty of hummus places to choose from in Budapest, with almost every street home to one. But after searching Instagram for the nearest in my location, Falafel Bar came out top and I’m so glad I found it – it was hummus heaven!

For a quick lunch or lazy dinner, everyone should squeeze in a visit to this very vegan-friendly hummus bar – everything is clearly labelled and the staff are more than happy to talk you through the menu. It was super cheap but incredibly delicious – I wish it was my dinner right now!