After a super early start (6am flight from Gatwick!) we landed in Amsterdam following a short Easyjet flight and jumped into our Uber & were on our way to the hotel – don’t you just LOVE an easy trip? We arrived at Hotel Apollo to a great welcome from the team and instantly fell in love with the hotel decor! Super stylish with plants quite literally everywhere.


Having left our bags with the hotel concierge and bikes hired (thanks Hotel Apollo!) we were en-route to The Happy Pig Pancake shop to check out the new vegan options and their famous pancakes!

On arrival we could instantly see the popularity of this place, with queues out of the door!

We went for “Pancake Stroganoff which was wholesome & delish and something we reckon your meat eater friends will love too! & “Everybody’s Sweetheart” which consists of banana, chocolate-hazelnut sauce & toasted almond slices, think delicious sweet overload… for drinks we had some super yum lemonades… the passion fruit was totally lush.

Situated in the heart of the city, these guys are definitely worth a visit… for quite possibly the BEST Pancakes you’ll find in the whole of Amsterdam!

Pancakes done… and smiles on our faces, we cycled back to the hotel to check in to our room and recharge after our early start.

Late Lunch

Now completely in love with the concept of cycling everywhere (We LOVE Amsterdam!), we hopped on our bikes and cycled to Vegabond. Situated on a picturesque street along the canal, they have a cosy bench seating area and low down tables and huge windows overlooking the beautiful outdoors, this was the perfect place to sit as the torrential rain hit the city, watching the world go by.

This is an all vegan venue, serving deliciously wholesome, colourful, beautifully presented grub… if we’ve got our facts right, they have the only 100% vegan shop in Amsterdam too (Steph nearly had to get extra hold luggage to take all her goodies home!).

After a fabulous welcome from the team and a talk through the wonderful menu, we decided to go for the “Summer Rolls” with a mouth watering homemade peanut dip, “Focaccia” which included a dreamy cashew ricotta along with some yummy berry banana and powerful peanut smoothies , carrot cake and their famous “no bake Snickers”!

Food arrived, beautifully presented in cute bowls, drinks with compostable straws and we couldn’t wait to tuck in! Vegabond lived up to their reputation, the food was total bliss… the Summer Rolls and peanut dip tasted out of this world, not only delish but full of so much veggie goodness. The sweet treats and smoothies were divine and it’s no surprise that people cycle for miles for the raw “snickers” bars, they’re pretty awesome!

After a good few hours sat watching the world go by as we enjoyed Food Heaven, we mustered up the energy to brave the rain and cycle home… after all, we’d been up since 3!… the perfect day.

Day 2

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up early to the sun shining through the curtains, the rain had gone and the sky was blue again – perfect for a day filled with cycling fun? Feeling rejuvenated and ready to do some more exploring we hopped back on our bikes and set off to see what the rest of Amsterdam has to offer.


After a relaxing bike ride in the morning sunshine, we arrived at our first stop – JACK’S Juice Bar. JACK’S  is named after the owners Grandpa Jack as he grew up with his Grandpa growing all sorts of fruit and vegetables in his garden. This gave him the inspiration to open JACKS and share his Grandpa’s healthy way of living with the world… How awesome is that!

JACKS juice bar is super stylish… totally Instagramable! With black and white decor and a splash of pink, lots of greenery and super cool lighting.  JACKS offer a wide variety of delicious smoothies, coffee, shakes, and sandwiches. They are not fully vegan but they do have PLENTY of vegan options and after speaking to the staff, it sounds as if they have even more in store for our vgang in the future!

The team at JACKS are so friendly and this is a great place to be social! We spent a good couple of hours chatting away about just how wonderful plant-based living is for our mind, body, and soul.

While deep in conversation we somehow still found the time to scoff some truly scrumptious “Acai do Brasil” smoothie bowls which are said to be the best sources of antioxidants and a brain booster…. We had yummy Matcha Lattes (apparently a fab antioxidant and good for healing!) and a “Beet it” nutritious Detox Booster Smoothie. It’s safe to say we left  feeling fully revitalized!


We had a table booked at the famous Avocado Show. The Avocado show is situated in a cute street full of beautiful terraced houses with rose bushes around the front doors – the streets here look like the streets we thought only existed in films. As soon as we set our eyes on the restaurant we were instantly drawn to it by the large window full of avocados!

The Avocado show serves visually stunning and incredibly tasty dishes made with…wait for it…AVOCADO! Every avocado that the restaurant use is grown sustainably and are all picked, packed and transported with social responsibility  from different markets and countries around the world. The menu is made up of vegan and non-vegan classic and contemporary avocado creations along with a selection of tasty drinks…basically avo heaven!

On the door we were greeted by a friendly waitress who took us inside, seated us and talked us through the menu. The inside of the restaurant is painted green with fabulous American diner-like pink quilted seats, neon lights and lots of plants!

Being spoilt for choice we decided to share and go with three different dishes. The Saint Stack is a stack of matcha vegan pancakes made with homemade avocado butter. At first, we weren’t sure what to think about the whole Avocado pancake concept but as soon as we tried them we totally understood – they tasted out of this world! The Avo Garden – a special on the menu,  which is avocado stuffed with hummus and spices with pretty pink flowers sprouting from it (it’s got to be one of the prettiest dishes we have ever seen). Last but not least was another special, the Vegan Poke Bowl which is an avocado bowl, filled with sushi rice and all other goodness! As soon as we had a bite we had one of those moments where we just looked at each other with our eyes lit up and nodded while saying “mmm”! You know the type of moment right?

The Avocado Show did not disappoint, it’s everything we thought it would be and more. As well as the food being picture perfect it also tasted sensational!

late LUNCH

After a morning filled with eating lots of delicious food we headed to Vondelpark… Vondelpark (aka parrot park – Steph’s name for it) is the largest and most famous park in Amsterdam. The park was full of people dog-walking, jogging, roller-skating, cycling, listening to music, people-watching and just lazing about in the grass. You’re probably wondering why Steph likes to call it Parrot Park? Vondel park is home to many stunning green parrots with orange beaks called Parakeets and you can see and hear them chirping above you in the trees – it’s a rather magical place!

A good few calories burnt and happy memories made, we made our way to our next stop SLA. SLA is an organic salad bar and you can find them in 7 different locations across Amsterdam. The one we went to is just outside of Vondel Park and is Amsterdam’s newest and biggest branch (there’s even an open plan kitchen where cooking classes are held). It is located on a street corner straight across from the park with plenty of benches outside so that you can sit outside and really take in the beautiful surroundings.

We both fell in love with the interior, its very contemporary, clean and sleek.  You can see all the fresh ingredients used and the staff make up your chosen dish in front of you. All of SLA’s products are organic, their own recipes, plant-based and mostly vegan & gluten-free. We were greeted by a lovely member of staff behind the bar on arrival and she took the time to tell us about some of the ingredients we hadn’t heard of before.

We decided to sit outside in the sunshine and eat while watching the world go by and having a good natter in between – gosh, we can talk for hours! We had the Indian Tempah bowl and the Vegan sushi bowl, both bowls full to the brim, tasty and super nourishing. To drink we had their delightful cold-pressed juices – energize and refresh.


After an afternoon of exploring and a photo shoot in the park full of awkward poses, we went back to our hotel to have what was supposed to be a little nap before heading out for dinner. We didn’t end up napping…maybe it had something to do with the excitement about our next stop!  A couple of hours later we headed off to what must be one of the most Instagrammed fully vegan restaurants in Amsterdam…THE VEGAN JUNK FOOD BAR!

The Vegan Junk Food Bar offers mouthwatering vegan takes on comfort food in three awesome locations across Amsterdam. Think burgers, hot dogs, epic sides, indulgent puds and drinks.

The decor is bright pink with cool graffiti art and the room was lit up by a huge neon sign (we do love a neon sign).

We were quickly seated and given a warm greeting by their fabulous staff who talked us through their incredible menu and chatted to us about our day. We would highly recommend visiting while hungry with plenty of room for food as the menu is too good just to order the one thing – honestly!

Wishing we could eat everything on the menu, we went for the heavenly Notorious Sumo Burger and the dreamy Supreme Hotdog which is a hotdog in a pink and purple croissant! For sides, we opted for the Mediterranean Spring Rolls which are made with soy-based cheese (YUM) and Sweet Potato Truffle Fries. You can probably guess what we about to say… Yesssssss!! All our vegan junk food dreams had come true…. This place is the perfect place to bring your meat eater friends – chilled out vibes, great music, and seriously badass junk food.

Day 3

After a rare and wonderful lay in, we were woke up to the sound of noisy geese outside our room on the canal.  Realising it was our last day we were a little sad to be leaving.



We kept this morning free of any fixed plans as we’d anticipated a much needed lay in… lay in complete we started cycling and discovered “Zest for Life”, which is a cute, laid back cafe; they have cushions in the windows, inside seating and a small rustic garden.

We enjoyed delicious Acai Bowls and Turmeric Lattes as we sat in the window, watching the world go by, before starting our final day in Amsterdam.



After making the most of the time we had left and enjoying a long sightseeing cycle around town, (we were feeling a little achy by now) – we headed over to Mr and Mrs Watsons for a spot of lunch.

We’d heard INCREDIBLE things about these guys, so we knew our trip wouldn’t be complete without stopping by… they’re one of the most talked about fully vegan restaurants in town.

The restaurant is located away from the hustle and bustle and in such a cute location. There are benches right outside the large window at the front of the restaurant, the perfect setting for a glass of wine on a summers evening.

The decor inside is super chic (Art Nouveau meets Art Deco) and everything in there is vegan including the leather seating.

Mr and Mrs Watson offer comfort food with a culinary twist including dishes such as Creamy “Egg” Salad, Sloppy “Cheese Steak” Bun and Cashew Fondue – dishes we thought could not possibly be vegan! They won the PETA best vegan cheese award in 2017 so it only felt right share the homemade Watson cheese platter with a glass of red wine. The platter consisted of 4 different cheeses along with bread, crackers and fig jam.

We’re in love with the classy, relaxed vibe and super stylish decor at Mr and Mrs Watsons, the incredible menu and absolutely wonderful cheese platter. You could take your meat eater friends and they’d probably not even notice it’s a fully vegan foodie spot!

We headed back to the Hotel to drop off the bikes and collect our bags and hopped in our Taxi for the Airport – another short ride and we were en-route home – trip complete, what a fabulous mini break! WE LOVE AMSTERDAM.